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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Releases @ Vero Modero

Hello once again,

Vero Modero has yet again release a plethora of eye catching fashions that come in a lot of bright summery colors like red, yellow, and purple.  Which is exactly what I'm blogging about.  These three short dresses will dazzle everyone you see.

What i really love about this dress is that it is ever culterly relevant to the asian culture; but in a smart, short, cute dress.  The dark red color really catches the eye with the accents of green and aqua through the pattern.  

The Cici Dress is a floral patterned dress that use, yet again, complimentary colors.  With this Cici dress, the blue us obviously the star of the show.  The reds, yellows, and white really express the idea of a modern spring/summer feeling.  A feature i love about the Cici dresses are the cloth headdresses that comes with each dress.  Very chic and very summer.

This Cici dress is just like the other Cici dress, expect this one is it's yellow sister hehe.  With the warm oranges, purples, and whites really screams summer fiesta.

F i r s t O u t f i t: Vero Modero / Asian Dress Red
S e c o n d O u t f i t: Vero Modero / Cici Dress Blue
T h r i d O u t f i t: Vero Modero / Cici Dress Purple Flowers

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