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Saturday, July 9, 2011

FineSmith Collar Sale - 100L Only

Hey guys...

For the next 24 hours...well until tomorrow, Sunday July 10th @ noon.  All of these collars will be only 100L each.  YES i know that is totally insanity.  Each of these collars have the full menu that we have come to love with FineSmith Jewelry.  

I have a SLUrl on the right side of the blog.  Take it and all the collars in this twenty4 hour sale will be to the right of the stage right in the middle of the store.


Top left - Jewlery Inspired by Arisia
Bottom Left - Inspired by blackLiquid
Center - Inspired by Arisia 2
Top Right - Collar Inspired by Elyna 
Bottom Right - Collar Inspired by Scarlett 

If you're a strong female,

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