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Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Releases From Vero Modero

Heyy Guys...

So guess which high end SL fashion capital store has some new releases???

Give up, well it's VERO MODERO!  I just found VERO MODERO out in the last like month.  Apprentally I was under a rock for the past two years on my SL life...  I have been given the privilege of blogging three of the new releases form this amazing brand...

The first one is a style outfit with black leather dress pants and a transparent top that revile the right side of my upper torso.  Thank goodness there is a nipple coverup.  The left shoulder has this avant garde piece that jets off the arm.  And if you guys know me at all, i love should pads!!  This black assemble is so in now that I would sleep in it.  If only SL avatars slept and that i wouldn't winkle it..:)

This next outfit is like the first outfit's sister.  this is also a black outfit with some hide designs that i find intriguing.  The right upper torso and arm have this cute lace piece that i really love.  Ive been trying to find outfits with the off the shoulder look to it.  On the pants, there is this animal print that is just darling.  

Last but deffinatlly not least, this silver gown.  OMG I love me a long train!  This gown comes with its own pair of silver/grey heels, DYING!  This silver gown also has shiny silver sparkly pants with...wait what is this?  SHOULDER PADS.  *FAINTS*.  What a perfect outfit for me to blog about.  It has shoulder pads, it has a long train, and it avant grade.  So basically this is my in gown form :)

F i r s t O u t f i t: VERO MODERO / Armiore Female
S e c o n d O u t f i t: VERO MODERO / Righe Set
T h i r d O u t f i t: VERO MODERO / Silver Gown

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