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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Release @ FineSmith Designs

Hey All,

Just released today is an amazingly beautiful jewelry set that can double as a totally wearable outfit. Its called "Anigma", named after the beautiful Anigma Eulenberg.  Anigma is an array of half circle avant garde styled pieces that are around the head, around the body, and around the neck facing in different directions. There is also a ring on the right hand with these same half circles. Each of these jewelry pieces have the full color-changing menu

Yula also added some clothing to go under these jewelry piece. There is a skirt that is very reminiscent of flower petals which is very FineSmith Designs. The top is has a floral design print into it.  There is a lace element to the back of the top as well.  The clothing is modifiable so you can change the colors if you which.


Im Just A Holy Fool,

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