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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hera @ FineSmith

Hey Guys,

Hera is the newest set to hit the FineSmith stores.  This multi-piece set is perfect for a summer beach night or fun chic party to impress all your stylish friends.

This dirty gold, aqua, and dark red color pallet really flatters the skin tone with its stand out coloring.  The necklace is new to the members of FineSmith with the necklace forking at the sternum of the avatar. Look at my using big words.  hehe.  Anyways.  There beading on the necklace is very natural with the dark golds and reds in alternating colors.  The necklace has a focal point with the large aqua gem in the middle of the necklace; which can be seen in all of the pieces including the earrings and armband.  

As you may have guess, there is on the size-chaning menu, which is good enough for me.  I cant wait to staying clothing around this set.  I makes me feel like the a goddess :)


Scheiße, Scheiße Be Mine,

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