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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Releases @ VERO MODERO

 Hey Guys,

VERO MODERO has yet again released a couple knew outfits for both male and females.  But Im pretty sure I couldn't pull off the whole male look; so I thought it would be best to do the females outfits...yeah.

Vero Moder / Fly

This outfit is called "Fly", and fly it is.  This reddish orange patterned mini-skirt really lets the wearer show off her legs.  There is a black asymmetrical belt to cut the pattern a bit.  The top of this outfit has ruffles that creates a swooping neckline that really flatters.  It shows just enough cleavage so dazzle anyone looking at you, yet sophisticated enough to be worn anyway of the week.  

Vero Modero / Night Dream 
Now, this dress is defferntally from my dreams.  It has a train for days and the texturing of these dress is just outstanding.  There are pops of color at the left hip and right shoulder.  Under each orange piece on this gown; there are chains the hang off.  Then to add the final piece of avant garde-ness, the right wrist has a black cuff that is over-extended.  The chest area has piece that "scratch" up and give this seductress / evil look that is so in right now.  Some could argue that Night Dream and Fly are the opposite of each other; both visually and color pallet wise.

I'm Just A Holy Fool,

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